Your team can compete virtually or  in-person. In person location is in ILCB room 207 or somewhere in ILCB.

Innovative Learning Classroom Building, 215 Lamar St, College Station, TX 77844, USA

Virtual Competitors:

Feel free to join our general channel in ou r Discord. https://cybr.club


This competition is only going to be offered for Texas A&M or Texas A&M University-Commerce students.

(University-Commerce students may or may not be eligible for the monetary scholarship prizes)


- Teams can be comprised of 1 student and up to 4 students. Teams signups are currently open now until the start of the competition.

- Substitutions for another eligible player are allowed up to 1 hour before the event starts.

Scoring breakdown:

  • The Capture the Flag competition will run continuously and without interruption starting at 11:00 AM CT until 6:00 PM CT. Team members are encouraged to take breaks throughout the competition, especially when food and drinks will be provided.